Creating Statements

  1. Go to Customer tab > Create Statement option.
  2. Check the accounts to create statements. Accounts can be filtered by Bill Profiles and by cycle date. Accounts can also be cherry-picked from the list.
  3. Click Create Statements and confirm the Due Date. A Default value will use the due date specified by the Bill Profile. Add a different date to override the account’s default due date.
  4. Customer statements will appear in the Print and/or Email Queue for customer distribution or processing with a 3rd party print vendor.

Printing Statements

  1. Go to Customers tab > Print Queue.

  2. Select the statements for print individually or select all by clicking the checkbox in the list header.
  3. Click Process to create a print batch file.

  4. Once processed, select View History to download a print file.

Emailing Statements

  1. Go to Customers tab > Email Queue.

  2. Select customers from the list or select all customers by clicking the checkbox in the list header and then click Process to email the statements.
Emailing statements can be automated if desired. Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature.