There are many factors that contribute to whether an email will be delivered or not, but two of the most important protocols involved with this are Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).

Setting up SPF & DKIM lets the receiving mail servers determine whether the server that is sending the email is allowed to do so. Adding SPF & DKIM records to your domain's DNS server will properly authorize our email platform's IP to send emails on your behalf.

Configure SPF record

  • Locate the SPF DNS record. The location of this depends on you mail server; typically it is where DNS records are stored.
  • In the DNS list, find the TXT record that starts with v=spf1 and click Edit.
  • Add include:spf.rev.io
  • The text in the SPF record varies, depending on what specifications your company would like to set.
  • Once changes are done, Save SPF Record.

Configure DKIM records

Reach out to Rev.io's client success team to get started with configuring DKIM DNS records for your domain.