released the beta version of the Order Entry, Quoting and Proposals module. This version is available in each of our clients' sites. You may need to adjust the permissions of each role to enable it for your users. This version will allow a user to create a customer shell, add a request to an existing account and adjust the settings. Additionally the user can create a PDF of a quote or proposal and download for a prospect. This beta is full production copy of the release, meaning, this will add accounts and requests in your database. It will also create orders when the requests are approved. New functionality will be added throughout the coming weeks.

Not Available To Date

Custom Fields - Coming Soon.


To request access to the site, please your system administrator. You may need permissions adjusted. Key permissions can be found in the following areas.

  • Go To Settings Tab > Permissions
  • Menu Items > Customers Tab > Create New (Requests Beta)
  • Menu Items > Workflow Tab > Requests
  • Menu Items > Settings Tab > Request Status
  • Menu Items > Settings Tab > Request Template

Check these for the role you wish to edit and save. Log out and back in to gain access to these areas.


Full documentation will be available later this year. In the mean time, here are some general instructions for accessing this new functionality.

Create New - Can be found under Customers > Create New (Requests Beta)

Requests - Can be created as part of the new customer creation process or can be created by clicking the Requests button on the customer account.

Requests List - The full list of open requests can be found under Workflow > Requests.

Settings - Request Status and Request Template are both found under the Settings tab.

Importing - A copy of the template file is attached to this page. The import button is under Workflow > Requests.

Feedback Page

Feedback and feature requests must be submitted through the Trello board listed below.

Trello User Feedback Board

Features and Benefits

In this release, introduces a better way to create customer accounts and orders. This new feature is called a Request. This release also includes quoting or proposal functionality not previously available in the platform. For a full list of features and benefits, see the table below.

Account CreationThe Create New option will create an account in two quick steps. Users will enter customer profile details and an address for the customer. Once entered, the user create the account without adding any services or products. These customers will show in a Prospect status.
RequestsRequests will replace pre-orders or work orders in Requests allow a user to set up the services that will be on an account. Approving a request will create accounts and orders for a customer.
Save Data EntryAs a user is building a request, data can be saved for access at a later time. Users can continue with or edit the data.
Consolidated Creation of Parent/ChildPreviously, users would need to create separate accounts and connect the relationships. With this release, users can create all accounts in one request and can create the parent/child accounts upon approval.
Multi-location Account CreationMulti-location accounts can be created in one request form.
Quantity/Price EditingQuantity and price editing can be performed on one screen for all products on a service.
Quoting/ProposalCreate simple quotes from the product catalog or full blown proposals using Microsoft Word Templates. Create templates in Word using supported data fields and save those in to merge when creating a PDF from the request.
Change OrdersRequests can be added on existing accounts to provide quotes/proposals to current customers.
Simplified Product CatalogProduct catalog with smart search capabilites and filters by product type, service providers and keyword.
Custom Field SupportCustomize and arrange display of customer profile and service fields.
Bulk ActionsWithin the request, users will be able to add products to mulitple services, copy services, delete services and move services in bulk.
Import Bulk Accounts/ServicesUsing a multi-tab spreadsheet template, users can forgo the manual request setup and import mutliple accounts or services through a file import.
Agent AccessAgents will be able to access the request functionality and create orders for prospects.
Process SupportRequests can have associated processes and custom statuses.
Price Book

Users and/or agent profiles can have unique product catalog sets. Complete copies of the product catalog can be marked up or a subset of the products can be made available to certain users or agents.


Attached are some example files for test driving this Beta Release. Click to download.

Import Order Template

My Major Company Excel Template

Sample Word Template for Quotes

My Major Company Word Template

Video Tutorial

A full demo of the Beta Release can be found in the link below.

Full Demo of the Beta Release

To view the full screen version of the video click HERE.