is now integrated with select carriers for electronic number ordering. To use this integration, a subscription for provisioning must be in place and a member of the team will need to assist with configuration and testing.

Integrated carriers are listed below:

  • Bandwidth
  • Broadvox

System Configuration

Setup instructions for Telephone Number (TN) Ordering can be found in the configuration guide. The following areas must be configured:

  1. Gravity Profile and Module Enablement - This can only be setup by an team member. Please contact for assistance.
  2. Carrier - The Carrier represents the providers that will receive and fulfill the requests. Click here for configuration instructions. A team member can assist with any additional setup.
  3. Carrier Account - This setting defines the account through which the numbers can be ordered. Click here for configuration instructions. A team member can assist with any additional setup.
  4. Inventory Type - This is the folder or bucket in inventory that will hold all numbers assigned or unassigned. Click here for configuration instructions.

Using TN Ordering

Once configuration and testing are complete a user can begin to set up and order numbers with the enabled carriers through the DID Management section on a customer's account or through the Inventory Workflow located under the Workflow tab in the system.

Workflow > Inventory

To lookup and/or order numbers for inventory that will not immediately be assigned to an account, go to Workflow > Inventory.

Select the inventory type. The inventory type is essentially a container for these numbers. The name given to the inventory type in configuration is what will display in this table. An example of inventory types is provided below.

Next, select the Manage Carrier Items button.

To start an order, select the Order Setup Method from the following 3 choices:

  • Lookup and Select DIDs - Show lookup returns, allows a user to select from the returns and then place an order for the desired numbers.
  • Lookup and Order DIDs - Searches and immediately orders numbers returned.
  • Select and Disconnect DIDs - This option creates a disconnect order with the carrier but is not available with all integrations.

Some carriers allow users to order numbers in real time while others may take a short period of time to complete the request. For carriers requiring a request and wait process, the section below allows the user to see if previous requests are still in progress. The user can also view completed request. Make the desired selection and click the Next button to proceed.

The next page allows the user to select the Lookup Criteria for the numbers. The following options are available and the fields will update for the selection:

  • Area Code
  • Rate Center
  • State
  • City
  • Zip
  • LATA
  • Toll-Free with wildcard characters
  • Toll-Free vanity numbers

Select the criteria and the quantity of numbers needed and then click next. Numbers will return in a table on the next page. This screen only shows when using the Lookup and Select DIDs method. The other method orders the returns upon placing the lookup request.

Select the numbers to order by clicking the checkbox beside the record and then clicking Next. Any numbers not selected are returned to the carrier.

A message with the order reference number like the one below will appear on the screen.

Select finish to return to the Order Setup screen. Numbers will be added to Inventory and will be available for assignment to an account. One of the numbers ordered in the example is shown below. This record is now available for customer assignment in Workflow > Inventory. Specifically, this number was ordered from the Bandwidth carrier and can be found in that carrier's inventory type folder.

Customer Level DID Management

Numbers can be ordered on an as needed basis directly from the customer's account. To order from an account, go to the Services section and expand the line needing the numbers. Click the Edit DIDs link under the Service Details section.

Select the Add from Carrier tab on the page shown below.

The workflow is identical from this point to the Inventory Workflow option. However, upon completion, the numbers are assigned to the account as opposed to being in the Available status in the inventory type folder.

The new numbers are shown in the customer's inventory.


Some carriers support disconnect of numbers through while other do not. If a carrier support disconnection, go to Workflow > Inventory and select that carrier's inventory type. Select Manage Carrier Items and then under Method, pick Select And Disconnect DIDs.

Click Next and select the number(s) for disconnection.

Click Next to confirm the change. A status message like the one below will appear on the next screen with the numbers selected.