DIDs are added to a line after the Order is created. To add DIDs to a line follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Services and Workflow section of an account.

  2. Select the Line on the Services tab and click the arrow on the left side of the line to expand and show the details.

  3. Click the Edit link beside the DIDs label.
  4. DIDs can be selected from the inventory individually, in a range or uploaded from this page. DIDs can also be viewed and unassigned from this page as well.

  5. To view DIDs on a line, select the first tab.

  6. To unassign a DID, select the checkbox beside the number, select a reason and click the Unassign button. The form will support selecting multiple numbers and unassigning them at one time.
  7. Inactive DIDs can be viewed on the second tab, along with the status change date, reason and user.
  8. To add a DID or number from inventory, select the third tab. Numbers will appear that match the Rate Center that Rev.io identifies based on the service address. Inventory Types with a Special Type of Telephone Number will display in this list based on that Rate Center as well.

  9. Use the fields above the number grid to search for a particular number or select a specific inventory type using the Type dropdown field. Once numbers are identified, select using the checkbox on the left side of the grid and then click the Assign Selected button. Numbers are assigned to the line and attached to the customer's account in inventory.
  10. To add a Single Number or Range click the 4th tab.  Select the appropriate radio button, complete the fields for the desired option and click Add. If these numbers are currently in inventory, Rev.io will assign them to the line. If the numbers are not in inventory, Rev.io will add them to inventory and then assign them to the customer's account.

  11. To Bulk Import or Remove DIDs/Numbers select the 5th tab.

  12. When doing a port, a customer's numbers may be in a spreadsheet format. These numbers can be imported using the Bulk Import and Remove functions and added to the inventory. Download the template and ensure the necessary fields are included in the file.
  13. Save the file to an accessible directory and then click the Choose File button on this screen.
  14. Select the Bulk Import option to complete this action. Numbers will be assigned to the line and added to the inventory type selected.
  15. To remove numbers in bulk, select the Bulk DID Deactivation link.

  16. Select the Range option to remove a sequential group of numbers and the click Add to List.
  17. The list of numbers will appear below the form fields. Select a Reason and then Deactivate All to remove.
  18. To upload a file of numbers to deactivate, download the template, populate the data and save to an accessible directory.
  19. Select Choose File and then Import. The numbers will appear below the form fields.
  20. Select a Reason and then click Deactivate All to remove.