offers electronic provisioning with some carriers and switches for ordering various types of services. This connectivity is supported with a few of the traditional LECs, several wireless providers, Metaswitch and Broadsoft. Establishing electronic provisioning will require collaboration with an team member. If provisioning is part of the initial implementation, the Operations Team project manager will assist with the setup. If adding provisioning post activation, the project will be treated as a professional service and an account manager will assist with the process.

Getting Started

To begin the setup process, compile the following information.

  • Carrier Account Manager Name and Contact Information or internal switch administrator.
  • Letter of Authorization to authorize to work with the carrier on your behalf.
  • Carrier Connectivity Request Form - This will be supplied by the carrier and will be completed jointly by you, an representative and the carrier account manager.
  • QAccounts/BANs/Company and/or Application IDs and Application Passwords - These can differ by carrier and switch but these are some of the terms that are used in the industry. An internal carrier or switch administrator may have this information or this information may need to be retrieved from the Carrier Account Manager.
  • Product list with USOCs or SOC codes accepted by the carrier or switch for electronic provisioning.
  • Carrier Test and Acceptance Plan if applicable.

Once the following information is compiled can assist with the setup process.


Several areas under the Settings tab must be configured in order to provision electronically through The areas are listed below and instructions for setup of these settings are listed in the respective sections of this guide.

Once these area are configured can assist with verifying and testing connectivity.