Customers will need their account number and their Billcenter Registration Code to login to the Billcenter the first time. That registration code can be found on the customer profile screen (from TblCustomer). You can either give them this registration number as your customers call and request access to the site or you can generate a letter to email out to all your customers that gives them all the info:

If you want to send out an email blast to all customers to give them their account number and their unique registration code, you will need to make sure the email template is set up. Go to Settings/Email Templates and look for the SAMPLE BILLCENTER REGISTRATION template in the Legacy Templates or the regular email templates tab. If it is not there already, please let your account manager know and they will get a template for you.

Next, go into the template and re-work it to customize it for your business (making sure to customize both the TEMPLATE and the CONFIGURATION tabs) before you attempt to send out the blast. Once customization is complete, you can send that email blast out that will give all your customers the instructions for logging in to Billcenter for the first time, along with their account number and registration code that they'll need. Instructions for the email blast are below.