Need to send an outage email to all customers, or send an email blast for a company update? Well, here's a step by step guide on how to do that:

  1. Create a custom report to pull all IDs of any open account. Just go to the report builder (Reports > Create Report). Create a report that has a column for customer_ID only, and add a filter for "Status Equals Open", or if you put “Status Doesn't Equal Closed” it will sending to pending and open customers. You will need to run the report, open, and save in excel as .csv... you will need this at the end. **Helpful Tip: If you want to send to an exclusive group of customers instead of all, you can do this with any type of report with any filters, as long as you just pull the list of customer IDs of the desired customer base you want to send this email to. For example, if you wanted to exclude child accounts, you could put a filter for "Parent_Customer_ID Equals 0". If you want to only send to a set bill profile, just put a filter for "Bill_Profile_ID Equals x".
  2. Go to Settings > Email Templates and go to the "Legacy Templates" tab, and create an email to send to all customers. You can use the $CUST$ token if you want to address their company name/ personal name directly.
  3. Once the template is created, go to Settings > Email Customers and download the template on the page. Now, take the report you ran earlier, copy the IDs from that excel file, and paste into the template.
    Warning: The queue only runs 500 emails at a time, so if your report pulls more than 500 accounts, you will need to separate into batches for 500.
  4. Save the template as a .csv, and upload to the page in Then, choose the template you just created in the dropdown. Click "Upload" for the to read the file. If there are errors with the email, if the customer is already in the file, or if the account doesn't have an email, we will give a message on the line item to let you know this customer might not get an email. Otherwise,
    If you'd like, you can see what you email is going to look like by clicking "preview". After this, click "Add customers to queue" and the emails will send!

** Helpful Tip: It's good to add a customer_ID of a test account that your email might be on, OR you can add your email to another customers account temporarily who is on the list, so that you can see when the emails send out. Unfortunately there isn't anything on this page that tracks the file's progress of when it is finished sending, so including yourself in the email lis an email will let you know once it's been sent.