Commission plan details in are assigned at either the agent or service/line level. Commissions are calculated each day at 1:00am EST, placed in a pending status and are viewable at the account level under the More button > Edit Commissions or in the form of a Pending report found in the Shared reports. Commissions must be posted through a task batching process for external users, such as agents, to view. Posting and release of commissions will likely be a monthly event in Once commissions are posted for the month, users can a posted report to see who actually gets paid and what amount they will be paid. Agents can simply view the detail in the form of a report that will be shared with them in Agent Portal in the Reports tab.

Commission Plans

Commission plans can be made up of 1 or many details. For example a plan with 1 detail might include a rule to give the agent 5% of revenue across an account each month when the customer makes their payment. A commission plan with many details may utilize the 5% rule and tack on additional rules like pay 10% if the line type is POTS or 15% if the customer is purchasing the Nationwide T1 product.

Commission Events

A commission can be paid on a monthly basis or as a one time payment or bounty. Commissions can either be paid on the generation of a statement or the posting of a payment to the customer's account. Payments, by default, must be paid in full for a commissionable item to be released. This amount can be reduced across the board if desired.

Commission Plan Details

Commission plan details can be very generic or very specific. In the examples above, the generic rule would be 5% across the board payment on all items. The more specific rule would be to pay a different percentage on the product's revenue. All details are defined in the next section.

Commission Payment Type supports paying commissions on revenue, per line or through the cost difference between the customer rates and cost field that is maintained on the product.

Commission Enablement

Products and product types support commissionable or non-commissionable flags. By default a new product or product type will be set to commission. Unchecking these settings will remove a product or entire product type from the commission process.

Plan Setup

Commission plans can be added at the agent level or the customer level. If setting commission plans at the agent level, the user will need to update the agent's profile once the plan is completed to apply to an agent. See the Agent Management section of the user's guide.

  1. To create a commission plan go to Agents > Commission Plans.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. Name the plan and then click Add New Detail.
  4. Select the details from the New Commission Plan Detail screen.
    1. Description - This is the name of the plan detail.
    2. Apply to - The detail can apply to either the assigned agent or a parent or grandparent agent in the assigned agent's hierarchy.
    3. Effective Dates - These fields create a date range for when the detail will begin and expire.
    4. Skip Cycles - Use to skip a residual or monthly payment to an agent for a certain period of months after activation. Usually used when a Bounty or Spiff is paid up front. This field only shows when the Event field is set to Monthly on the Plan Detail.
    5. Event - Select Bounty for a one time payment or Monthly to create a residual.
    6. Type - Payouts can be triggered on either a Payment to a customer's account or Statement creation.
    7. Line Type - Select a choice from this drop down field if the rule should be specifically based on the type of line.
    8. State - Apply rule to a specific service address state.
    9. Carrier - Apply a rule to a specific carrier.
    10. Package - Apply a rule to a specific package only.
    11. Product - Apply a rule to a specific product.
    12. Product Type - Apply a rule to a group of products.
    13. Contract Length - Use this field to create different commission rules based on the length of a contract.
    14. Clawback Grace - Use this field to define the grace period for payment clawback rules should a customer terminate the service before a certain period of time elapses.
    15. Payout Type - Choose from payments based on Revenue, Cost Difference, Default (Bounty Payments) and payouts per Line.
    16. Rate - Choose a percentage or flat rate payout.

    5. A commission plan can have one or many plan details. Click Save and Add New Detail to add other rule.
    6. Once complete click Save to create or update the plan.

Many commission plans contain multiple details. Let's create a plan that pays 10% on all revenue each month based on the customer paying in full and pays a one time $100 bounty on all POTS lines. The agent assigned to the account is the only person getting a commission. This plan will need two plan details. On the first detail select Apply to Self, Set the event for Monthly, set Type to Payment, Payout Type to Revenue and Rate to 10% and Save. On the next detail, set the Apply to field to Self, Event to Bounty, Type to Payment, Line Type to POTS, Payout to Default and Rate to $100 Flat. Save the plan detail and this plan is complete.