(Customer Portal) is configured and managed from Each instance can have multiple configurations.

  1. Go to Settings > Billcenter Configuration to begin.
  2. Click Add New.


  1. Under the Settings tab, enter new HTML color codes to update the colors used in the Navigation, Page Title and Hyperlinks.

    Color codes can be found at
  2. Select the Checkbox for Use HTML Footer to add this option to the page.
  3. Under the Global Settings options, the following settings can be enabled or disabled.
  • Enable Auto Pay Status Change – This will allow the end user to modify this option in the portal.
  • Show Receipts for Non-Billcenter Payments – This option will allow for all payment receipts to show in BillCenter regardless of how the payment was captured.
  • Hide Minutes – This option must be selected if the end-user is not a wireless customer.


Additional settings are found under the Configuration tab.

  • Bill Profile – Allows the user to designate a specific bill profile for the configuration.
  • Hostname – This field should be populated with the specified URL for accessing the site.
  • Main Title – This field controls the main title of this BillCenter configuration.
  • Bill Restriction – Restrict bill receipt method options using this setting.
  • Allow Disenroll - When not checked, removes the "None" option from the Bill Delivery radio list on BillCenter, under Settings, so only Email and Print are left. (e.g. by default, customers cannot change their bill delivery method to None and end up not receiving a bill). If you want to disable the ability for people to change their statement delivery methods, you need to remove the permission BILLCENTER_MANAGE_BILL_NOTIFICATIONS from their User's permissions. It is under > Billcenter Settings, and it's called Manage Notification Options
  • Website URL – Populate this field to add a URL to the sign on page of Billcenter.
  • Email Ticket Notifications To – Use this field to setup an email address to receive ticket notifications when customers create a ticket in
  • Email Payment Notifications To – Use this field to setup an email address to receive payment notifications when a customer makes a payment in
  • Company Image – This is the location of the logo image used on this configuration of Most likely will manage the logo file and this field will not require any changes.
  • System Email – Populate this field with a system email that a user could use as a point of contact.
  • Additional Role – Select a user role for Billcenter from this drop down list.


The functionality on the Reports tab allows the user to customize a list of report visible to the customer in this configuration of
To make a report available in, double click the report in the Available Reports column and the report will move to the Selected Reports column.


Use the FAQ tab to build Questions and Answers for the customer that will be displayed on the Help tab.

  1. To build a question, type the question in the text box labeled Question. Type the answer in the text area labeled Answer.
  2. Click Add Questions.
  3. Questions can be edited or reordered in the table located at the bottom of the screen.