Video Library Link: Payment Arrangements

In order to make a payment arrangement, you need to select the Promise To Pay button on the customer profile.


Scroll down to the area for Payment Arrangement.

To make a payment arrangement, you need to make sure the Set Payment Arrangement radio button is selected and you can configure these different options:
Split Amount: You can choose 1 of the 3 ways the amount of the payment arrangement will be applied:

  • Current Balance 
  • Amount Due
  • Specific Amount

Specify: If you chose to specify your amount, the section will un-grey and you will put the TOTAL payment amount you want the customer to pay. 

Start Date: The day you want the payment arrangement to go into affect on the account.

Months: Amount of months you are giving the customer to pay off the total amount owed. 

**There is NOT an option to select a specific monthly payment. (ie $200/month payment). So that the amount is even for every month, we make sure to divide the total amount evenly by the month amount you select. 

When you are finished, click Submit at the top.

Once you have submitted the payment arrangement, you will see a credit (in the amount of the balance specified) post on the account under the unposted tab in the Billing and Collections section on the customer account. 

If you also chose the option for the Payment arrangement to go into effect Today, you will also see the first charge post as well. If you chose the option for Next Cycle, that charge will post when the next cycle advances.