Service Types  can be used to streamline the order entry process.
Service Types allow the user to select specific services  and designated fields specific to that service rather than completing a generic form that may not collect all the information to activate and service the account. Service Types can also influence the number of unique orders created on an account because settings at a carrier level allow for orders to be split by Service Type

This means an account with 3 different service types but a common carrier or service provider could produce 3 separate orders if desired. Service Type is also a setting considered for auto assigning processes on an order.

  1. To create a Service Type, go to Settings > Service  Types.

  2. Select Add Type.

  3. The Description field and Code field must be completed. Type field and Equivalency are optional and are typically used for reporting purposes only.

  4. Next select the Customize checkbox to display customizable options. Two new options will appear at the top of the screen.

  5. The Add Built-In Fields button allows the user to select from a list of pre-defined fields.

  6. The Add Custom Field option allows the user to create a new field.

  7. Clicking the Edit option allows the user to change the Label, add a Description, choose the Field Type, Set a Default Value for lists, specify the Columns and make the field Required.

  8. Once configured, Service Types become an option in the New Customer Wizard and change order process.