Payment Methods are configurable in Payment Methods can be either a type that is used for posting and reporting only or a type that can be configured for electronic processing through a Merchant Account. The list of Payment Methods used in can contain both types.

  1. To create the list of Payment Methods, go to Settings > Payment Methods.

  2. Complete the following form for each Payment Method type and click Add.

    • Description – Name the payment method using a description. This description will appear in the drop down field when selecting a payment.
    • Fee Desc – If using a fee for payment processing, this description will appear on the customer's statement.
    • Fee Type – Select from a Flat Rate fee or a Percent of the balance type fee.
    • Fee – Add the amount of the flat fee or the percentage in this field.
    • eCredit Card – If using a merchant account for processing credit card, select this checkbox.
    • eCheck – If using a merchant account for processing electronic checks, select this checkbox.
    • Requires Approval – Select if payment method requires approval.
    • Show in Signup – This checkbox will enable the payment method for use in the Signupgo workflow.
    • Show in Billcenter – This checkbox will enable the payment method for use in the Billcenter customer portal.
  3. To edit or update a payment method, select the clipboard/pencil icon below. The payment method information will appear in the form above. Make the necessary changes and click Finish Editing. Once all changes are complete click Save before exiting the page.
  4. The arrows below can be used to order the appearance of the methods in the drop down list.

  5. The red "x" will delete the payment method.

Merchant Account Configuration

Merchant Accounts must be configured by Please provide your project or client success manager with the API Login and Password/Transaction Key for the merchant account that needs to be configured. A list of supported providers can be found below.

Payment Gateway
e-Credit Card
Subscriptions PaymentsYesYesYesYes