Tiered Discounts are a feature in Rev.io that can be used to apply discounts to usage once a statement is created. Accessing Tiered Discount information within Rev.io can be done by using looking under Settings > Meters / Meter Scopes.

When first configuring Tiered Discounts, it is often easiest to start with creating the Meter Scopes that will be used by the Meters and Meter Tiers. Once all scopes have been added, then the user can construct the Meters and Tiers. The discounts will consist of three major components:

Meter Scope

A grouping of product types used to help limit either the total usage applied toward a discount or limit the products themselves to be discounted. A Meter Scope can be used on both a Meter level and a Meter-Tier level. Meter Scopes will limit products by type selected on the scope, which is currently limited to Usage.


A grouping of Meter Tiers that uses a Meter Scope to determine which usage records should be used in determining which tier should be used for applying a discount. Meters can aggregate usage on either a per-line or per-customer level. Meters will also have a ‘plan type’ denoting whether to apply the discounts in a Tiered vs Threshold manner.

Meter Tier

A single tier within a Meter. This will contain the minimum and maximum number of minutes to be included in this.

When configuring a Meter Tier, the Minimum Unit Number will always be treated as inclusive, while the Maximum Unit Number will always be treated as exclusive. Meter Tiers cannot overlap, and any gaps between Meter Tiers will be filled in with a new Meter Tier with a discount percentage of 0%.

Meter Scope

The main page allows the user to Add, Edit, or Delete Meter Scopes. General information about the scopes is displayed such as the description and type of Meter Scope.

  1. To add a new Meter Scope, go to Settings > Meter Scope and click Add New.

  2. Next, provide a description for the scope and select the usage product(s). Then click Save.


The main page allows the user to Add, Edit, or Delete Meters. General information about the meters is displayed in the grid such as the Aggregation Level, Created Date, and Active Status of the Meter

  1. Adding a new Meter can be accomplished by clicking the Add New button on the Meters page.
  2. The user will specify an Aggregation Level (Line – usage is aggregated on a per-line level, Customer – usage is aggregated for all lines on a customer’s account).

Meter Tier

Adding new Meter Tiers can be accomplished by clicking the Add button in the Meter Tiers section on the Meters page. Here the Meter Scope, Min and Max Unit Numbers, and discount percentage of the Tier can be specified.

Once a Meter Tier has been added of a specific Meter Scope Type, the Meter Scope Type of the parent Meter will be disabled. To modify the Meter Scope Type, all sub-tiers of a specific type must be deleted.

Deleting Tiered Discounts

To delete any Tiered Discount related item, simply click the Delete button for the row in question on the Meters, Meter Scopes, or Meter Tiers grids respectively.

Adding Tiered Discounts to a Product

To add a Tiered Discount to a line, the Usage Meters associated with the discount must first be added to a product that will go on the line.

  1. To add a Usage Meter to a product, visit the Edit Product page under Settings > Product Catalog and click Edit on the product on which you would like to add the Meter.
  2. Next, visit the Meters tab on the Edit Product page, and select the Meters to be added to the product.
  3. Finally, click Save to update the product in the catalog.