Legacy Email Templates are used in the Bill Profile to notify the customer when the follow events occur:

  • Auto Debit Successful Payment
  • Auto Debit Failure
  • General Payment Success
  • Credit Card Expiration
  • Billcenter Registration

To create these email templates go to Settings > Email Templates. Click the Legacy Templates tab.

Recent sites may have samples of each of these emails that can be edited and customized with your organizations information.

To create a new template, click the Add Legacy Template button. Complete the form below and Save.

These templates are specified in the Bill Profile on the Emails tab.

*Important Note* -If using the SAMPLE BILLCENTER REGISTRATION to create your own -

Edit the Link in the section of the documentation that directs your customer to your company's Bill Center URL Edit the existing link so that the URL is pointed to the correct place - just changing the text does not redirect the link.