Tasks have several areas of customization that the user can configure during the setup phase of the implementation or update any time thereafter.

Drop Down Task Lists

The following fields allow for customization using the Drop Down Editor found under the Settings tab.

  • Task Status – This field can be customized to assist with activity management. This field is visible and can be used as a filter in the global task activity.
  • Task Type – This field can be customized to create various task types within the task form. This field is also visible and can be used as a filter in the global task activity  for viewing and distributing assignments.

To create these custom lists, select the Drop Down Field and populate the Description field and click Save. Each new item will be added to the list below the Description field.

Custom Task Fields

Any number of custom fields can be added to the task form. These custom fields are displayed in the Additional Field section on the task.

  1. To add a custom field to the ticket form go to Settings > Tasks (Under the Custom Fields Header). Click the New Field button.
  2. Complete the following form for each new field.

    • Label – This will be the field label on the form.
    • Description – This will not display on the task form and would only be used as additional information when in this form.
    • Field Type– There are four option types supported.
      • Text Box
      • Text Area
      • Drop Down List – This option allows for a pre-defined selection.
      • Radio Button List – This option allows for a pre-defined selection.
    • Default Value – This will be the default option that displays in the Text Box or Text Area or when creating a predefined list, this will be the default selection.
    • Option List – This only appears in the form when using the Drop Down List or Radio Button List is selected. Populate the list option using this field.
    • Columns – This field defines the number of columns in the text area or text box.
    • Active – This checkbox determines whether or not this option displays in the drop down list. If not selected the item will not display for selection.
    • Required on Save – If checked this custom field requires a response when saving the task.
    • Required on Mark as Complete – If checked this custom field requires a response when marking the task as complete.
    • Required on Cancel – If checked this custom field requires a response when marking a task as cancelled.

Task Assignment

Tasks can be assigned to either an individual user or to a group. All users can receive Task assignment. If assigning to a group of users, the group must be created first under Settings > User Groups.

  1. To create a task User Group, go to Settings > User Groups. Click Add New Group.
  2. Select Task as the Group Type. Populate the Name field and Description field.
  3. Select the checkbox for Enable Viewing By Restricted Users if this functionality is desired.
  4. Click Save to add the users to the Member List.

  5. Once all users have been added to the Member List, click Save one last time to update the group.

The group option is available for assignment in the task form. It is also available as a filter option in the global task Activity (Activity > Tasks).

Task Notifications

Task notifications can be configured under Settings > Email Templates. A default list of notifications can be found under the Email Templates tab. See the section listed below for additional information about this configuration.