1. Go to the Billing & Collections section of the customer account.
  2. Click the Bill link.
  3. Select the parameters and due date for the statement and click Submit at the top of the page.

  4. The parameters are defined below:
    • Include Unbilled Usage – This option will force all rated usage on the bill even if not originally included in the billing period.
    • Itemize Local Calls – This option will allow local call detail on the statement.
    • Is this a final bill? - This option will stamp the words "Final Bill" on the statement.
    • Enforce no paper invoice fee? – This option will override the setting for the paper invoice fee when applicable.

A statement with only certain transactions can be created by going to the Unposted tab and selecting specific transactions for statement creation. This feature can only be used on Standard accounts. See the Advanced Customer Account Management section of this document.