allows users to perform the following Verizon TAXI actions through an ticket:

Create Verizon TAXI tickets with first-level escalation priority (the only escalation allowed by Verizon upon creation). To create a ticket, click the Ticketbutton on the customer's account.

For customer's using the carrier Verizon an additional tab labeled Verizon TAXI will appear on the ticket form. Complete this form to submit the trouble to Verizon through

Users can modify Verizon TAXI tickets (change authorizations, narrative, and escalation level). Additionally, on modification, the user can request that the TAXI ticket be escalated from levels 1-4.

Specify additional authorizations can be selected on creation and modification, including:

  • Standby
  • Release
  • After Hours Repair
  • After Hours Standby
  • Delayed Maintenance
  • No Access

Verify Verizon TAXI tickets upon Verizon's request. The user specifies whether the repair is accepted, denied, or denied with remarks and optionally is allowed to specify close out remarks.

Please note the following permissions are changing: "Can Cancel Verizon Trouble Reports" and "Create Verizon Trouble Report" are now combined and changed to "Manage Verizon Trouble Report". Essentially, having this permission will allow the user to create, modify, verify, and cancel tickets. If this permission is not enabled, the user will still be able to see existing TAXI information on tickets just not manage the ticket.