Order and Task emails are now customizable through the UI. Task events have previously generated emails but were not configurable. Order events were previously customizable but limited to only Order Status and internal users and groups.

The new email templates are sent during certain events in Rev.io. The events are as follows:

  • Task Add Note
  • Task Completed
  • Task Created
  • Task Updated
  • Task Reminders
  • Ticket Created
  • Ticket Updated
  • Order Status Change
  • Order Created
  • Password Reset
  • Payment Received
  • Customer Status Change
  • Customer Auto Debit Status Change
  • Customer Created
  • Request Assigned
  • Request Created
  • Request Status Change
  • Request Approved
  • Data Threshold Reached
  • Top Up Product Added


To setup an Order or Task email notification, go to Settings > Email Templates.

A new tab was added to Settings > Email Templates. The previous email templates (used for payment notifications and bulk emailing customers) are now located under the Legacy tab and the new templates under the Email Templates tab.

To add a new email notification, click Add Template and complete the following fields.

  • Description – This field names the notification.
  • Event Type – This field specifies the activity that will trigger the notification.
  • Status – This field will turn the notification on or off. Check Active for on or uncheck active to disable.
  • Markdown – The field enables Markdown support, which can be used to write and format the body of the email.

For instructions on formatting the email notification, click the How to Format link and the right side of the email window. This link will open a window with formatting examples.

Other formatting tools can also be found in this window. Most options are similar to the formatting tools you might find in any email management program. Tokens or Placeholder Codes can be found under the “$” button and used in the email to call data from the site database. Tokens will vary based on Event Type selection.

A formatted email notification might look like this in the Edit and Preview panes.

Next click the Configuration tab to complete the setup.

  • From Name & Email – This is the email address and name of the sender
  • CC & BCC – Email addresses that are CC'd and BCC'd on every email of this type that get sent. More than one address can be added by separating them with a semicolon.
  • Send To Internal Users – This will send an email to a default set of internal users associated depending on the type of email
  • Send To Customer – This will send an email to the customer associated with the task or order
  • Additional Emails – Any additional email addresses that will receive the email. Multiple email addresses can be used here as well.
  • Subject - This is an option for clients who would like to modify the subject line of the email being sent. If left blank, the subject will display the system generated subject line. This currently is not supported for clients using PoP3 for ticketing.
  • Filters – Rules can be added to templates so that the notifications only send for certain customers, orders, task types, ticket types and/or statuses. If no filters are specified, the emails will always be sent when that email event is triggered.

Additional Notes

  • Filters are specific to they Event Type of the email template (defined on the Template Tab). Order notification settings can be filtered by Bill Profile, Order Status and Order Type. Task notification settings can only be filtered by Task Type.
  • Filters of the same type will work as an 'OR' use case (exclusive of one or more of the options). Filters of different types will work as an 'AND' use case (inclusive of all selected).
  • All task emails are sent to the user that created the task, plus the assigned user and user group.
  • Order Status emails are sent to the user that created the order and the user assigned to the order


For existing clients, contact an client success manager to setup access to this new feature. New clients should have access to these new settings.