The following placeholder codes are available for use in the new Email Templates for Order and Task Notifications. This is a list of the most commonly used Tokens and is not all inclusive list. See .gif below to see the full list of Email Tokens.

Note: Email Tokens can vary depending on the Event Type.

Order Status Email Tokens:

$TNs_Multiline$ - Order TN’s (one per line)

$TNs_One_Line$ - Order TN’s (same line)

$PON$ - Order PON

$Order_ID$ - Order ID

$Order_Type$ - Order Type

$Customer_Name$ - Customer Name

$Customer_ID$ - Customer ID

$Status_Date$ - Order Status Date

$Order_Status$ - Order Status

$Address_Line_1$ - Customer Address Line 1

$Address_Line_2$ - Customer Address Line 2

$City$ - Customer Address City

$State$ - Customer Address State

$Zip$ - Customer Address Zip

$User_Name$ - Status User Name

$User_Email$ - Status User Email

$User_TN$ - Status User Phone Number

$Now$ - Current Date & Time

NOTE: Order custom fields are also available as codes.

Task Email Tokens (Add Note, Created, and Updated)

$Assigned_User_Email$ - Assigned User Email

$Assigned_User_Name$ - Assigned User Name

$Completed_Date$ - Task Completed Date

$Customer_ID$ - Customer ID

$Customer_Name$ - Customer Name

$Due_Date$ - Task Due Date

$Message$ - Task Message

$Note_Body$ - Note Body

$Now$ - Current Date & Time

$PON$ - Order PON

$Status$ - Task Status

$Status_User_Email$ - Status User Email

$Status_User_Name$ - Status User Name

$Subject$ - Task Subject

$Task_ID$ - Task ID

$Type$ - Task Type