To provision wireless devices with a carrier through, Wireless Inventory must be configured under Acitvity > Inventory.

  1. Start by clicking the Add New button.
  2. Next, name the Inventory Type with a name like Verizon 4G Devices.
  3. Complete the Identifier field with the appropriate information. Information in this field may be specific to the device type and carrier. Here are some examples.
    1. 3G Devices (Verizon) - Identifier is called ESN/MEID
    2. 4G Devices (Verizon) - Identifier is called ESN/MEID or IMEI
    3. 4G SIMS (Verizon) - Identifier is called ICCID
  4. Next, select the Special Type of either Mobile Device or SIM Card depending on which type of device you are configuring.

  5. Finally, check the Requires Product box. This box will allow the user to associate the Inventory Type to a Product from the Product Catalog.
  6. Click Create.

A completed Inventory Type might look like the example below:

Adding Wireless Inventory Manually

Once Inventory Types are created, inventory items can be uploaded via CSV file or manually entered to be used on an account.

  1. To add handsets or SIM cards manually, click the View Items link on the Inventory Type.

  2. Click the Add Item button, complete the form and Click Create.

Importing Wireless Inventory

Inventory items can be added to an Inventory Type in bulk. To upload a batch of devices or SIM cards, follow the instructions below.

  1. On the Inventory Type, click Import CSV.

  2. Select the Choose File option or Download Template. If downloading template, populate data and save then choose file.

3. After file is selected, click Upload. This will move data from the file in to the Inventory Type. This inventory is now available for customer assignment.