supports a discrete set of provisioning functionality with the BroadWorks platform by BroadSoft. BroadWorks has a hierarchical structure as depicted below:

Currently Supported by

  • Objects: Enterprises, Service Providers, Groups, Users, Devices, Domains, Departments
  • Actions: Activate, Deactivate, Change
  • Services: Group Services/Authorizations, User Services/Authorizations, Service Packs
  • Versions: R17.sp4 through R21.sp2 +

BroadWorks API Access will need access to the BroadWorks SOAP API endpoint. The endpoint is located at: https:///OCIOverSoap/services/ProvisioningService. It is not enabled in BroadWorks by default and may need to be enabled.

Known Limitations

  • Limited set of fields (see documentation)
  • Authorizations are unlimited
  • No reverse provisioning / sync / real-time feed
  • Lines & Services design in doesn't easily support modeling the hierarchical relationships of BroadWorks objects. Setup

A combination of Line Types, Products, and Inventory Items are utilized for BroadWorks provisioning from

EnterpriseLine (Type: BWENT)
Service ProviderLine (Type: BWSP)
GroupLine (Type: BWGROUP)
UserLine (Type: BWUSER)
DeviceInventory Item
DomainAutomatically created when needed if specified on any of the items above.
DepartmentAutomatically created when needed if specified on User.
Telephone NumbersAutomatically created when needed for User and Group.