Devices are configured as Inventory Items with MAC Address as the Identifier Type in

Inventory Fields

Field Name


Location Details


Default Value

DomainAssociated BroadWorks User Line Required
ServiceProviderIdAssociated BroadWorks User Line Required
GroupIdAssociated BroadWorks User Line
MAC AddressInventory Built-in FieldIdentifierRequired
IDSet to MAC Address N/AN/A
TypeInventory Custom FieldTypeRequired
UsernameInventory Custom FieldUsernameOptionaladmin
PasswordInventory Custom FieldPasswordOptionalRandom 15-digit
DescriptionInventory Custom FieldDescriptionOptional
Net Address N/AN/A
Outbound Proxy Address N/AN/A
Physical Location N/AN/A
Port N/AN/A
Protocol N/AN/A
Serial NumberSet to MAC Address N/AN/A
Stun Address N/AN/A
Transport Protocol N/AN/A