Line Type



DescriptionAnything - e.g. BroadWorks Group

Line Type Fields

Field Name



DomainLine Custom FieldRequired
Service Provider IdLine Custom FieldRequired
Group IdLine Built-in Field (Telephone_Number)Required
NameLine Custom FieldRequired
Contact EmailLine Custom FieldOptional
Contact NameLine Custom FieldOptional
Contact NumberLine Custom FieldOptional
Calling Line ID NameLine Custom FieldRequired
Calling Line ID Phone NumberLine Custom FieldRequired
Location Dialing CodeLine Custom FieldRequired
Time ZoneLine Custom Field ("US/Eastern")Optional
User LimitLine Custom Field ("100")Optional
Extension LengthLine Custom Field ("4")Optional
Extension Length MinLine Custom FieldOptional
Extension Length MaxLine Custom FieldOptional
Address Line 1Line's Address (or Customer's Service Address)N/A
Address Line 2Line's Address (or Customer's Service Address)N/A
Address CityLine's Address (or Customer's Service Address)N/A
Address StateLine's Address (or Customer's Service Address)N/A
Address CountryLine's Address (or Customer's Service Address)N/A
Address PostalLine's Address (or Customer's Service Address)N/A
VM Calling Line Id First NameLine Custom Field ("Voice")Optional
VM Calling Line Id Last NameLine Custom Field ("Portal")Optional
VM ExtensionLine Custom Field ("2000")Optional
VM LanguageLine Custom Field ("English")Optional
VM Group ProtocolLine Custom Field ("IMAP")Optional (IMAP or POP3)

Product Configuration

Following is a listing of types of products that can be configured in for BroadWorks Groups:

Broadworks Type

Product Code 1

Product Code 2

Wholesale Description*

GroupServiceName of GroupService (e.g. MusicOnHold)GroupService

* Wholesale Description is on the Advanced tab of Edit Product

Example GroupService Products