The goal of our integration with MasterStream is to create a genuine Lead-to-Cash solution for clients. Clients will be able to use MasterStream quoting. Once quotes are approved in MasterStream, they are automatically imported into as work orders and prospect customers. Below is information about the integration and steps to setup.

Salestream Software, the company behind MasterStream, provides web-based quote management software to carrier customers. The system provides these carriers (and their agents) a web interface where they can easily generate quotes for prospective customers.

Key Benefits

  • Connects MasterStream and with a turn-key solution
  • Eliminates manual work required for order entry which saves time and reduces mistakes
  • Enables higher volume order entry without added headcount
  • Provides real-time visibility into approved quotes, work orders and customer accounts
  • Designed for flexibility such as multi-location services, ICB packages, pricing, etc.

Process Flow

Setup Requirements

To get started using this feature:

  1. Supply your MasterStream client username and password to your Account Manager to do the External Order Configuration.
  2. Configure the Default Order Request Preference in MasterStream.
  3. Sync and MasterStream Product Catalogs.

Integration Details

  1. Agent creates an RFQ in MasterStream.
  2. Agent approves RFQ, and MasterStream creates an order.
  3. will check MasterStream every 15 minutes for new Orders.
  4. Orders are picked up by and new accounts and work orders are created in
  5. To view imported work orders, go to Activity tab > External Orders link.
  6. Select the MasterStream Source.
  7. Once you click a "Result" link (work order), you will find the imported customer / work order record in
  8. To view services and products imported as well as unmapped products, go to Lines & Services tab and expand the line entries.

Workflow > External Orders

  • A. ID: Internal Identification applied to import, by
  • B. Order Number: Service Quote ID from MasterStream.
  • C. Description: Not Used
  • D Created Date: Date the work order is passed into
  • E. Account Number: Customer ID
  • F. Customer: Customer Link
  • G. Status: Complete or Error. You can retry imports that error out every 30 seconds. Imported work orders typically appear with an error status if the Order was deleted in MasterStream.
  • H. Errors: If there was a problem importing, the reason will be given here.
  • I. Options: “Retry” if import is in error status. “Archive” to hide from default view. "View Data" to see the raw JSON of this import.

Work Order > Lines & Services

  • The above shows MasterStream SKUs that cannot be mapped to products on an RFQ (either by SKU matching or ExternalProductID).
  • These need to be added to the product catalog and then manually added to line using the Options -> Add Product dialog, as shown below:

Field Mapping

Order Notes
Order SKU
Order Location
Agent and AgentCompany
Field on orderMaps toNotes

The following items from your MasterStream order are processed into

ProductTypeLine Type

Used for automatic mapping to line types (matches on

"Code" of the line type).

CompanyNameCustomer NameParent Name in case of multi-account orders.
AddressLine 1Billing Address
Address2Line 2
StateStateState Abbreviation
CompanyName-All these fields are used to find a matching agent
LocationNameChild Account NameOnly used for multi-account orders.
NpaNxxTNCombined to create TN
AddressLine 1Service Address
BuildingLine 2
SuiteLine 2
StateStateState Abbreviation
VendorNameCarrierUsed for automatic mapping to carriers. Name must exactly match.
SKUProduct Code 1

Used for automatic mapping to products. We check

this after matching ExternalID to Product ID.

Amount + MarkupRate
ExternalIDProduct ID

Used for automatic mapping to products. We check

this before matching SKU to Product Code 1.

Order NotesNotes

Each Order Note creates a note entry on the Pre-Order

titled Imported Note.

Product Groups

If a product that is the lead product in a product group is added to a MasterStream Order, will include the remaining products from this group automatically when importing the order into

Default Order Request Preference

  1. Log into your MasterStream Portal
  2. Click “System Setup” in the menu bar located on the left.
  3. Click Order Settings, select Order Request Preferences.
  4. On this Order Request Preferences chose your Default Order Request Preferences and save.

1 location / 1 ordermeans a separate account will be created for each order (no parent child relationships or overarching account or order associated with a multiple orders)

n locations / 1 order: means multiple locations can be associated with a work order (this supports parent/child relationships)

Product Catalog Sync

  1. Log into your site.
  2. Go to Settings > Product Catalog
  3. Click the Export icon. This will create a spreadsheet of all products in
  4. Send copy of the product catalog spreadsheet to your MasterStream account manager. They will map the Product Code 1 field in to the MasterStream SKU.