supports Caller ID (CNAM) change orders with 3rd party providers for facilities based companies. Currently, TNS (Transaction Network Services) and Neustar are the only supported providers integrated with the platform.

A user can manage CNAM information on the account level and change multiple Caller IDs at the same time. will generate orders, and if needed, split them in to different orders if the account is configured with lines from different carriers. Manually (without electronic communication enabled) these orders can be used to track the process of updating CNAM information in another system. When connected with a provider like TNS, will send the order to them for processing and update the status upon completion. Communication for this integration takes place over SFTP.

User Interface

Customer Account

From the Services & Activity section of an account, click on the Manage: Caller ID link.

On this page a grid will display, split by line, of all the active and pending TNs (including DID's) on the account.

If a TN's caller ID is eligible to be changed (no active CNAM order is already open for it), select the checkbox and click Edit Selected to set a new Caller ID. You can select multiple TNs at the same time if desired.

Clicking Save will store the changes, and the page will keep track of any pending changes.

Once done making changes, clicking Create Order will generate an order with the changes. If the TNs selected are split across multiple carriers, a separate order for each will be created. Clicking Back will exit the page, and any unsaved changes will be lost.


The Enterprise UI is the same as The page is accessible through the UI from the Account Details menu by clicking on Caller ID. Caller ID information can only be edited on the account level, not the entity level.


For the order type CNAM we display a listing of the Caller ID information that is being changed on the order. No changes can be made once an order has been generated.

Confirmation received by the third party provider will complete the order once the request is processed.

Client Accessible Configuration


To activate Caller ID change orders on the carrier, the Can Update CNAM checkbox must be selected on the carrier. This setting can be found under Settings > Carriers on the Other Options tab.

Enterprise Customer Portal Setup

To enable this feature in the Enterprise Customer Portal, the permissions must be configured on the user role. To configure the permissions go to Settings > Permissions and select the BillCenter role that will need access to this permission.

Click the role and select the View Caller ID permission to enable this functionality for the users assigned to that role.

Additional settings will need to be configured by an team member to complete the setup of this functionality.