The Drop Down Editor can be found under the Settings menu and the Drop Down Editor link. The Drop Down Editor contains customizable fields that are used throughout the system. Some of these fields are required while others are optional.

Adjustment TypeOptionalCustom list found on the Adjustment form. Typically used for reporting. To view go to the Customer Account > Billing and Collections and click the Adjustment link.
Agent TypeOptionalCustom list found on the Agent’s profile screen. Typically used as a reportable field.
Close ReasonRequiredCustom list used when disconnecting a customer’s account. Field is stored on the customer’s profile.
Contact TypeRequiredCustom list that can be found when updating and adding a contact on a customer’s account.
Custom Upload TypeRequiredThis drop down displays in the Attachment’s tab in the customer profile section of the customer’s account.
Dispatch ListOptionalThis list can be found in the ticket form and is typically uses to help the dispatcher report a location of the trouble.
Hold ReasonOptionalThis field is used to define a reason if the account is put on hold.
Inventory Unavailable ReasonRequired w/InventoryThis field will allow the user to specify why an item is unavailable in Inventory.
LanguageOptionalThis field is used to specify a preferred language for the customer or agent. This field is on the customer profile and the agent’s profile.
Lifeline Form TypeRequired w/Lifeline
Lifeline Rejection ReasonRequired w/Lifeline
Lifeline Resolution Codes Required w/Lifeline
Note TypesRequiredThis field displays on the note form. It can be used for filtering and reporting on notes once created
Package CategoryOptional
Product CategoryOptionalTypically used for reporting and designating general ledger codes on a product. This field is on the product form near the bottom.
Security QuestionsOptionalSecurity questions are found on the second tab of the customer profile. Questions and answers will appear on the customer’s accounts once set.
Task StatusRequiredThis field displays on the task form. The field displays in Workflow > Tasks under the label Workflow. This field is also a filter in the workflow grid.
Task TypeRequiredThis field displays on the task form. Functionality can be associated with each type. System Actions (Auto Expiration Only), Templates, Alarm Hours and Create an Undo Task can each be added by Ticket Type.
Ticket ProcessOptionalTicket process is a field that displays on the ticket form. The field displays under the label “Workflow”. This field is a filter under Workflow > Tickets. The name of the filter is “Step”.
Ticket StatusOptionalThis field is the “Custom Status” field on the ticket form.
Ticket TypeRequiredThe ticket type field displays in the ticket form and is a filter under the Workflow > Tickets screen. Ticket Types can be configured to be customer facing or completely internal.
Statement Print TypeOptional
User LocationOptionalThis field appears on the User form. Customize to note a user’s physical location including Time Zone.

Deprecated Fields

The following fields should be considered deprecated and subject to removal in a future release:

  • Circuit Location
  • Circuit Type
  • Collection Status
  • Document Category
  • Note Category
  • FOC Type
  • PICC Type
  • Pin Type
  • Provider Local
  • Provider LD
  • Task Trouble Location
  • Switches