can automatically import Accounts & Orders created in Salesforce into's External Order process. Any orders that are set as Active in your instance of Salesforce will be automatically imported every 15 minutes.

Also see: Salesforce Orders Configuration Guide

Creating an Order

  1. Create an account.
    1. Note: Make sure to include address information.
  2. Add an opportunity to that account.
  3. Add products to the opportunity. 
    1. Select a Price Book.
    2. Select products.
      1. Specify a quantity 
      2. Use the Number field to group two or more products by Service in Use either a TN if available or an arbitrary number.
  4. Click Generate Order.

Retrieve the Order 

Note: Orders takes about two minutes to reach the COMPLETE status in First, the order goes in to READY state followed by PROCESSING before it goes to COMPLETE.  You have to wait for it to be COMPLETE before you can select the Order and work the request.

  1. In the Activity tab, go to Views > External Orders.
  2. Click Refresh.


  • Checks for Orders Activated since today - 2 years If Order's Status has an Imported option, will be set to Imported after processing
  • Sets a field named Account.H2OCustomerID to the Customer ID once imported
  • Tries to X-out Order.CreditCardNumber, Order.CreditCardCVV, Order.CreditCardExpirationMonth, and Order.CreditCardExpirationYear after importing
  • Based on External Order Configuration, can go directly to workorder/orders, or can go to Requests
  • Polling happens every 1 minute
  • Salesforce Orders are imported into through our External Orders system. (Workflow => External Orders)

  • The name of each order once imported in's External Orders will be:  {Order.OrderNumber} {Account.Name} and will have a link back to the Salesforce Order from

Parent/Child, Shipping vs Billing vs Service Addresses

  • If Shipping address is not provided, Billing address will be used By default. Billing is Billing Address and Shipping is Service Address. If there are multiple locations/related accounts, account will be created as a multi-location account or parent-child account in

Troubleshooting & Configuration

For any Salesforce configuration questions, see the Salesforce Orders Configuration Guide.