This article will explain how to configure so bills are sent to a third party print vendor like Spandocs or OSG.


The below instructions will walk you through setting up a new print profile for external print and mail once you've established an account with a supported print vendor.

  1. Home -> FTP Sites

  1. Create two new FTP sites and fill out the credentials, 1 for outgoing and 1 for incoming.
    1. Spandocs Incoming FTP Type: Spandocs PDF
    2. Spandocs Outgoing FTP Type: Spandocs Export
    3. OSG Incoming FTP Type: OSG PDF
    4. OSG Outgoing FTP Type: OSG Export

      Settings -> Print Profiles

  1. Create a new Print Profile
    1. Distribution Type to Select if Spandocs: XML
    2. Distribution Type to Select if OSG: OSG
    3. Select the Outgoing FTP Site you created in step 2 (this option will appear once you check the box for Auto FTP Bills)
  2. Settings -> Bill Profiles -> Printing Tab
  3. Select the Spandocs Print Profile you created in step 4.
  4. Click Save

Things to Consider

In the case of print methods that utilize both Print & Email, we support the ability to delay a customer's email bill until the response PDF is returned from the print vendor.

Due to the nature of FTP, some print vendors may not return your response PDFs for days, though some may return the PDFs as quickly as an hour or less since the XML files were sent. You can confirm whether the response PDFs were received by navigating to Home -> FTP Sites and clicking 'View Files' next to the incoming PDF ftp site in

You will need to get the ftp site information from OSG for your client, including the host name (usually something like, the User ID and the password, so that you can complete the FTP Site information in Home/FTP Sites:

On the print profile, if you select the Supports Do Not Print Flag, if a customer is flagged for email bill only, the print vendor will send back the pdf for that customer to be loaded, but they will not print the actual statement and the system will just email out the new version of the pdf from the print vendor.

You will also need to get the Procedure Option from OSG to populate the Processing Option field on the print profile. That code is what is sent as an identifier in the header record we are required to send to OSG with the statement xml file. You populate it similar to this once you get that code from OSG:

Also, remind your customers that they cannot email statements out of until their statement pdfs come back from the print vendor. If they process the email queue before they get the file back, it will email out the version of the statements.