“Products” are your company’s tangible and intangible goods and services translated in

When to use: When you are providing an item, which is a monthly recurring charge, a non-recurring charge or zero dollar charge.

More About Products:

  • Can apply tax overrides to a product to handle exceptions
  • Can be bundled together as “Product Groups” or “Packages”
  • Can be displayed or hidden on invoices to your customer

Product Groups:

“Product Groups” are a set of interdependent products. When you choose a lead product, it also adds other products, automatically.

When to use: When you have critical auxiliary products needed in order for the product/service to provision correctly. For example, some USOCs can be dependent on other USOCs being included on a provisioning order, such as grouping voice products with voice features. This ensures all the products needed to provision correctly are included automatically.

More about Product Groups:

  • A product cannot be the lead product in more than one group
  • No limit of the number of Product Groups added to a line or Package
  • No taxation overrides available on a Product Group Level
  • No limits to the number of products you can group, but only one of each product is allowed in a group


A “Package” is a set of products, which make up a singular line item option on invoice.

When to use: When you have a common set of products and/or product groups you sell or when you want to show a single package name with one price on the bill.

More About Packages:

  • Packages, in a sense, are like creating a "line template".
  • Must assign a usage plan group to a line.
  • Products can have quantities on the package.
  • Can only have one package per line
  • Taxation override is not available on package level
  • Packages can be restricted to Line Type.

Product Types:

More About Product Types:

  • Some One-Time and Usage Fees have to be set up at the Product Type Level to work correctly in -those have to be predefined and setup in your instance
  • Unlimited number of product types can be created
  • Allows for tax overrides on the product level
  • Cannot have a product in multiple product types