Rev.io's Built-In Report section contains an Unbillable Call report. This report lists Call Detail Records that were not billed to a customer over a selected date range. The reason these calls were not billed could be that the call records did not match any lines in Rev.io or perhaps there wasn't a usage plan defined to handle the call. The report can be filtered by Call Type and reason for not rating call. The report can also be pulled by date range.


Each morning, if rating calls daily or as frequently as call are rated, go to Reports > Built-In Reports and run the Unbillable Calls report. Choose filters or select all and click Run Report. If Rev.io identifies calls that could not be rated, those results will appear in this report. When running the report it might help to select one reason at a time.

Report Definitions

The report fields for the Unbillable Call Report are listed with their definition below.

Billed TNOriginating number for outgoing calls. Terminating number for incoming calls.
Other TNTerminating number for outgoing calls. Originating number for incoming calls.
Other LocationLocation of number from the Other TN field.
Call DateDate and time call began.
SecondsTotal length of call in seconds.
CostCall cost from carrier or provider or in rare cases a wholesale rate.
MinutesTotal length of call in minutes

Rate Type

Identifies type of call if possible. Field may display a call type or show Other or Unknown.
LD ProgramUsage program assigned to number or line.
CarrierCarrier from the CDR file.
FileFile in the FTP section of Rev.io that originated the record.
LineLine number in the file where record was found.
CDR_IDID assigned to the record in Rev.io.

No Valid Rate Plan

If No Valid Rate Plan is found then Rev.io is not sure which rate plan detail it should apply to the record. This means Rev.io did find the record on an account but does not know how to rate the call. Below are some of the most likely reasons this would occur.


  1. Sometimes there is no valid rate plan for the identified call type.
  2. Sometimes the Other TN is not really valid and Rev.io cannot figure out the Rate Type to apply.
  3. Occasionally, Rev.io is not categorizing the call as expected and the client has not made accommodations for the assigned call type.


  1. A new rate plan should be created to include the call type and applied to the line or program on the line in Rev.io.
  2. TNs could be bogus or incomplete. This would need to be researched internally on the client side to figure out the problem with the traffic or a default rate could be used to catch this type of traffic so that some cost can be recouped on these calls.
  3. Create a new rate type for these calls. Often times Rev.io provides more accurate rating than a previous billing system.

Line Not Found

Records that appear under this reason in the Unbillable call report do so because the TN is not found in Rev.io. This could happen for a couple of different reasons.


  1. These records could have a TN that is not assigned to a line in Rev.io.
  2. The record could be missing the TN altogether.


  1. Assign the TN to a line on an account in Rev.io
  2. The record will need to be researched internally or with a third party carrier to figure out why the record is coming over blank.


In all cases and following any changes, rerating needs to take place on the account. Use the Re-rate Usage link in the Billing and Collections section after making corrections to rerate usage. This process could take up to 24hrs to complete. If required sooner or if multiple accounts need to be rerated, contact a client success manager for assistance at care@Rev.io.