What are Rev.io Ideas?

Rev.io Ideas is a platform for users to submit ideas for product enhancement. These ideas are gathered in a forum where users can submit ideas, preview ideas that have been submitted by other users, comment on ideas, and vote for their favorite ideas. Each year, Rev.io sets a goal for the minimum number of Rev.io Ideas we want to complete and the Platform Team selects ideas based on activity, like comments and votes, and overall impact to the platform and our customers.

How to navigate to Rev.io Ideas

In the top right hand corner of your Rev.io instance when logged in you will see your profile. When you click on the drop down arrow by your icon you will see a link for Rev.io Ideas.

How to submit a Rev.io Idea

After navigating to Rev.io Ideas, you will see a bar for Add New Idea. After pressing Add New Idea, a form will populate on your screen. The form has sections for the categories that the idea falls into, a title, a description box, and an option to attach any documents like screenshots.

 Please be as detailed as possible when adding a Rev.io Idea to assist our Platform Team in understanding your idea. Note that any ideas added and associated attachments are visible across all of Rev.io's client base, so you should only add details or attachments that you are comfortable sharing publicly.

Once you Submit your idea your idea will go into the New Ideas tab. If you think of something you'd like to add after you posted your idea, you can go to your idea and add a comment.

Voting for Ideas

Voting for ideas will help our platform team determine which ideas have interest from other users. To the left of every idea is a Vote button, simply pressing this will add a vote to the idea.