Processes are lists of tasks that tell you, step by step, what to do. You can follow processes when working on requests, orders, and tickets. 

Parts of a Process

  • Phases are groups of tasks. Processes can have more than one phase, and phases can have more than one task.
  • Tasks are steps that tell you to do something.
Tasks used in a process are slightly different from standard tasks applied to a customer account. A process-related task has some additional options depending on the type of its process.
  • Routes let you skip to different processes and phases.
  • Email notifications tell you when something happens during a process, like if someone finishes a task. 

We can send email notifications to you, your customer, or one of your team members.


Processes Screen

Start by going to SettingsProcess. Click on the New Process button to begin.

Work Order type has been deprecated

Edit Process Screen

Below are the sections of the Edit Process screen for a New Voice Service Example

  • Name - Name of the process
  • Type
    • Order
    • Request
    • Ticket
  • Active - Check the box to denote an active process, uncheck the box to leave as inactive

Auto Assign - Processes can be automatically assigned to a user or a group of users predefined in the instance

  • User
  • User Group
A majority of clients assign tasks to a user or a group of users instead of the entire process, so these fields are typically left empty

Edit Process Phase Screen

Phases contains one or many tasks that need to be completed by a user.

To create a new phase click Add New Phase located at the top of the Edit Process screen then follow instructions below

  • Phase Name - Common phase names include Customer Confirmation, Inventory Management, Order, FOC Received, etc.

The tasks in this list are associated with the phase that is being built.

The routes in this list are related to the phase being created.

Edit Process Task Screen

  • Task Name

Task Information

  • Task Subject
  • Task Body
  • Task Type
    • 24 Hour Wait
    • 48 Hour Auto Expire
    • Activation
    • Assign Inventory
    • Billing Completion
    • Carrier Confirm Escalate
    • Carrier Confirmation
    • Check Customer Credit
    • Conform Inventory Available
    • Customer Order Confirmation
    • Dispatch Test
    • Escalation 2 Hours
    • LNP Request
    • LNP Request Escalate
    • Order Service from Carrier
    • Outage
    • Pre-Test
    • Provision Service
    • Review Service Address
    • Ship New Equipment
    • Standard
    • Ticket
  • Task Step
    • Not Started
    • In Progress
    • Waiting on someone else
    • Deferred
    • Done
  • Assigned to (Person)
  • Assigned to (Group)
  • Alarm Hours - Used to specify certain number of hours to for this task. Can show up on a report. 


  • On Task Completion: Do Nothing, Complete Order, Confirm Order
  • On Task Cancelation: Do Nothing, Hold Order Error Order
  • Options
    • Assign task to the assigned user on the order
    • Phase can complete while task is open - Allows user continue through to next task if the current one did not complete
    • Order can be manually completed or sent while task is open - Helpful when next task is not dependent on current task
    • Complete task when order is completed
    • Cancel task when order is canceled

Edit Process Route Screen

  • Description
  • Process
  • Next Process Phase