Using Order Processes

Order Processes can be added to an Order, once the Order has been created. can add an Order Process automatically using the Auto Order Process under the Settings tab.

To automatically assign a process to an order, you must configure the Auto Order Process rules.

To assign an order process manually, follow the steps below:

  1. Open an order.  You can do this by clicking Options > View Details on the order at the customer account level or you can click the PON of the order in the Activity > Orders view.
  2. Click the Edit Order button in the top left portion of the order screen. 
  3. Select the process you wish to start.
  4. Click Save to apply.
  5. Check the Tasks tab on the order to find the tasks to complete or go to Activity > Tasks to find the tasks to complete.
  6. Click the task subject to open the task. 
  7. Once you complete the work assigned in the task and have updated all your necessary fields click Mark as Complete to close the task.  
  8. If applicable, a Route may appear on the task.  A task associated with a route may look like this.  Select an option.
  9. Click the Back button to return to the order or the task view.  You will need to click this button each time you complete a task and/or route to return to the previous view.
  10. Tasks will continue to present until the process is complete.  

Warning:  Make sure to always select your routes when the tasks are open.  Failing to do so could cause you to stop receiving tasks that are pending a selection.

Note:  Some users prefer to view and work tasks from the order.  If you are assigning tasks to different users and groups, your organization may benefit from working in the Activity > Task view.