User groups within can be configured with unique billing hold permissions that allow for a user to add a billing hold on to an account, or simply view a billing hold. These page permission settings can be found under the security heading inside the settings tab.
Settings -> Permissions
The Permissions screen is a list of all the configured Roles. To edit a Role, click on the desired description name which takes you to the Edit Role screen.

Use the Filter by Keyword to narrow results. Billing options will be under the Customer Profile header.

Permission Levels

There are three valid permission levels controlled by Add/Remove Billing Hold Rules and the Edit Billing Hold Rules options:

  1. Full access - The permission to both view and add a billing hold to an account if necessary

  2. View access - The permission to only view if an account has a billing hold without the ability add a billing hold to an account

Having Edit Billing Hold Rules selected and Add/Remove Billing Hold not selected, will not allow you to edit the Billing Hold

  1. No access - The user can not view whether or not an account has a billing hold

Customer Profile View

Once the permission changes to the role have been saved, users will have a different Billing Hold option in the More dropdown menu corresponding to the access on the Customer Profile.

The More menu dropdown differences

  1. Full & View Access - Billing Hold will be visible and able to be clicked

  2. No Access - The Billing Hold option will be greyed out

Billing Hold screen differences 

Only users with Full or View access can go to the Billing Hold screen after clicking Billing Hold in the More dropdown.

  1. Full Access - The billing hold record table will be available along with the following fields and Activate Billing Hold button
    • Start Date

    • Affect Billing

    • Expected Stop Date

    • Note

  2. View Access - Only the billing hold record table will be visible