This article details the process of bouncing a payment in from the customer profile page.


Bouncing a payment in will kick off a multi-step process.

First, the payment itself will be flagged as 'bounced'; the word Bounced will appear on the payment in the 'Payment History' tab of the customer's profile.

Next, because it's possible the payment already posted to a statement, the payment is not reversed. An offsetting charge equaling the payment's full amount is created; the name of the charge is customized from Settings -> Bill Profiles -> Collections tab -> 'Invoice Description'.

If you've set up a fee Settings -> Bill Profiles -> Collections tab -> 'Fee' & 'Fee Description', the non-taxable fee will also generate at this time.

Things to Consider

In order to be able to bounce a payment, the user needs the following permissions enabled:

If the payment was made with a merchant account:
'Reverse payment electronic'

'Reverse Transaction'
'Reverse Payment'

If the payment was one of the below types, it can never be bounced:

  • CASH