To add inventory in, the user must first configure Inventory Types.

  1. To add Inventory Types go to Workflow > Inventory. Click the Add Type button and complete the fields below.
    • Name – Use this field to store the item description.
    • Identifier – Use this field to store the unique identifier for the inventory item. The identifier should be a serial number, MAC address, or something similar.
    • Special Type – This field can be used to specify a certain category of inventory. Some additional fields populate on the inventory type based on selection.
    • Status – This field defines whether the inventory item is available or not.
    • Requires Product – This checkbox will allow a product association between an inventory item and a product from the product catalog.
    • Image URL – Use this field to store an image URL.
    • Description – Provide a detailed description of the item using this field.
    • Programming Instructions – Store programming instructions using this field.

  1. Once all fields are complete, click Create to add type.