1. To add a custom field to an inventory type, first create the inventory type. Next click Edit on the inventory type and then click Add Field.

  2. Complete the following fields.
    • Label – Use this text box to label the field.
    • Description – Provide a detailed description of the field if desired.
    • Field Type – Select the type of field from the following.
      • Text Box
      • Text Area
      • Drop Down List – Will require option list to be completed.
      • Radio Button – Will require option list to be complete.
    • Default Value – Select the default value for the field using the text area.
    • Columns – Restrict the number of columns for the field.
    • Make this a Required Field – Designate if the field is required or not using this checkbox.

  3. Once all choices are complete, click Save to add the additional field to the inventory type.