Teminology and Overview Playlist

What is                                                        System demo overview

Terminology - Part 1                                                Covers Bill Profile, Service Types (1:25), Providers (2:39) and Usage Plans/Groups (3:22)

Terminology - Part 2                                                Covers Products, Product Types (2:16), Packages (3:50) and Product Groups (5:15) System Relationships                              Anatomy of how you bill, including how Providers, Service Types, Product Types and Products all relate

Customer Accounts Playlist

Creating a Customer Account

Creating a Request for Services

Monthly Bill Run Playlist

Pre-Bill Run Items

Unbillable Calls Report

Creating, Printing and Emailing Bills

Batch Bill Run (updated)

Reversing Bill Batches

General Billing Playlist

Creating a Manual Bill & Reversing a Bill

Reversing Transactions

Reposting MRCs

Adding a One Time Charge

Adding a Basic Credit

Adding an Auto Prorated Credit

Adding a Credit with Manual Post Mode


Adjusting Charges/Taxes on a Bill

Adding a Note to a Bill

Billing Holds

Configurations Playlist

Permission Roles Configuration

Creating Users

Field Layouts - Customer and Contact

Payment Methods

Email Templates

Bill Profile Playlist

Overview (Terminology 1 Video)

Billing Rules Tab

Settings Tab

Merchant Profile, Address & Printing Tabs

Collections Tab

Messages, Orders & Layout Editor Tabs

Service Types Playlist


System Relationships

Service Types Configuration

Products in

Products & Product Catalog

Bulk Customer Product Rate Changes

Product Groups


Reporting Playlist

Creating a Report

Unbillable Calls Report

Collections Playlist

Creating a Collection Template

Working with Collections

Promise to Pay & Payment Arrangements

Ticketing Playlist

Ticket Types

Ticket Status/Step/Priority

Ticket Users and Ticket User Groups

Ticket Provider Contact Editor

Ticket Custom Fields

Creating a Ticket

Processes Playlist

Process Setup Overview

Process Demonstration

Process Settings

Auto Order Process Setup

Auto Ticket Process Setup

Commissions Playlist

Commission Overview

Product Commission Settings

Commission Plan Setup

Creating an Agent Profile

Attaching an Agent Profile to an Account

Commission Overrides and Adds

How to Run Commissions

BillCenter/ECP Playlist

BillCenter/ECP Configuration

BillCenter/ECP User Permissions

Viewing the BillCenter/ECP

Customer News Items in BillCenter/ECP

BillCenter vs Enterprise Customer Portal

Usage Rating Playlist

Voice CDR Importer Basics

Data CDR Importer Basics

Usage Plans - Basic

Usage Plans - International and Imports

Usage Plan Groups Sync Playlist

Getting Started: Sync Dictionary and Field Mapping

Sync Sources, Analysis and Manual Matching

Sync Bulk Tools

Linking Services with No Recommendation Payments - Merchant Provider Payments