To update a ticket in open the ticket by clicking the ticket number in the Ticket Workflow or access a ticket on the account in the Services & Workflow section. Click the Tickets tab and then select the Edit Ticket button on the desired ticket.

Once inside the ticket, a message or journal entry can be added by scrolling to that section and adding the text in the New Message text area.

To commit the message, click Add Journal Entry. A few other features may also be selected when updating a ticket.

  • Visible on the Customer Profile - Selected by default and adds the ticket update to the notes section on the account.
  • Public Journal Entry - Sends a copy of this update to the customer's email address on the ticket.

Customers receiving updates can reply to emails received and an incoming message will be added to the ticket.

Attachments can be added to a ticket by clicking on the Attachments tab and Uploading a file.

To change anything in the General Information section of the ticket, click the Check Out button.

Update the desired fields and click the Save button.

Tickets boast several other features.