allows for line creation without walking through the New or Change Order Wizards. This process is typically used to complete a template migration for new customers or used to make a correction in This process requires two steps to complete: Creating the Line and Assigning the Product(s).

Creating the Line

On a customer account, go to the Services & Workflow section and click Create New.

Next, go select the Line Type to add to the account.

Complete the Line Type fields and select an Effective Date for the line.

Click Save to add the Line. The Line will not immediately show as it is inactive. Select the Include Inactive Lines checkbox to show the Line. This feature displays Disconnected lines.

Assigning the Product

To activate, select the Options button on the Disconnected line that was just added.

Next, select a product type from the product catalog.

Then select the product or products to add to the Line.

Update the product information, including the Begin Billing rules and then click Finish.

The Line is active and will now display in the Services & Workflow section. Billing will commence based on the Begin Billing option selected.