1. In Services and Workflow section of the Customer Profile, if inventory is under the Inventory Tab, click on the Inventory Tab and copy the ESN.
  2. Search for the ESN by pasting it into the search bar under the Settings button at the top of the Customer Profile page.
  3. Click on either the Inventory Item ID or the Identifier of the inventory item. This will take you to the Edit Inventory Item page.
  4. Click the Unassign button under the Customer section and then select the option to Make Available.
  5. Navigate back to the Customer Profile > Services & Workflow > Services Tab, and click the Options button for the line that the inventory needs to be added to.
  6. Select Edit Line from the Options button drop down.
  7. Enter the ESN of the inventory into the Inventory to be Assigned field and click Assign to Customer.

The inventory should now be properly assigned to the line after the completion of these steps.