allows users to place a Promise to Pay on a customer's account to stop the collections process until a specified date. The Promise to Pay functionality resets the due date for the customer just this one time. If the customer fails to honor the promise, the customer will be put back in to collections but the collections will start at the beginning or at the specified step in the Collections Template that is marked PPF or Promise to Pay Failure. A step should have this flag in each collection template.

Go to a customer's account that is in collections and scroll to the Billing and Collections section of that account. Click the Promise to Pay link.

Scroll down to the middle of the page and select a New Promise Date. If you would like to receive a task reminder, click Save and Create Reminder Task. A task reminder can be helpful with following up to see if the customer followed through with the commitment. An email can be sent to the assigned user as a result of setting the Reminder Task. If no reminder is needed, click Submit at the top of the screen to set the Promise to Pay.

A tag will be placed on the customer's account to show that they are under a promise and will remove the customer from the collection step.

If the customer makes a payment before the promise expires, a user will need to go and manually remove the date and that will remove the tag. If the customer does not pay, the customer will go back in to collections at the begin of the steps or the customer will fall in the the PPF step set on the template. Again... the tag would need to be manually removed by removing the date from the New Promise Date field.