Batch Charges/Credits:

  1. Go into Customers > Batch Transactions
  2. Download the template
  3. Populate all fields in the template with the proper values:
    • Customer ID and TN can be used interchangeably- Both do not need to be filled out, but at least one does so the system knows where to post the charge.
    • Amount and Description are related to the charge- if you want a credit, put a negative sign in front of the amount. If you want a debit, leave it just as a normal number
    • Product type ID, you will want to go into Settings > Product Types and choose the product type you will want to use- make sure you are choosing a "OneTime" product type.
    • Tax Included needs to be 0 or 1:
      0 for Not Included, 1 for Included
    • Date Start/ Date End- both can be the same day that you post the charge- unless you want there to be a date range, then you put that
  4. Once all of these are filled out, save the file as a .csv.
  5. Upload the file to the page. The system will pull up the charges to make sure they are valid.
  6. Once confirmed, you can click Reset to start over, or Post Valid Transactions if you are ready to post all of the charges to the accounts.