Rev.io offers inquiry, validation and quoting functionality for the AT&T Partner Exchange products. The following table illustrates functionality available through Partner Exchange. No functionality exists today for wireless quoting, ordering or provisioning although Rev.io does support CDR rating for AT&T wireless products.

Product Catalog Inquiry(tick)(tick)(tick)
Address Validation(tick)(tick)(tick)
Price Quote(tick)(tick)(tick)


To gain access to AT&T Partner Exchange, an Rev.io team member will need to assist with the setup of an internal profile that enables the communication with AT&T. Additionally, a carrier and carrier account must be configured for AT&T. These are items configurable through the user interface. Go to the Settings section, in the Rev.io Configuration Guide, to learn more about Carrier and Carrier Account setup.


To access the AT&T Partner Exchange functionality, go to Activity > AT&T Partner Exchange.

Address Validation

For Address Validation, select the first tab. An existing customer can be selected for address validation or click the Enter New Address link to ensure service can be provided. 

After entering an address, click OK.

A message will return indicating the service address is valid.

Next, pick a product from the Select a Product drop down field and click Validate Service. A service item will appear in the table below with the option to generate a quote if the product selection and address are valid.
If the address is new, the option to Create the customer will appear in the Customer ID column. If the customer exists, the customer name and ID will appear in the Customer ID column.

Price Quoting

Once the address validation is confirmed, the option to Generate Quote will show next to the customer's information. Select this option to request a quote from AT&T

A returned quote will look as follows.

Quote Details, Access Price Details and Transport Price Details are included in this return. The above quote was for a new customer. An existing customer would look more like this.

Product Catalog Inquiry

Rev.io offers a direct, real-time connection to the AT&T Partner Exchange product catalog. Click on the second tab to see the AT&T Partner Exchange Product Catalog. The product catalog can be sorted by product type using the drop down field on this page.

Rate Cards

The third tab, labeled Rate Cards, allows the user real-time access to product rates without consideration of mileage. Product rates can be filtered by product family using the drop down field on this screen.

If this link is not found under Activity, make sure to check it on the Enabled Modules in order to show under your Activity list.


Connectivity through AT&T Partner Exchange cannot be configured without assistance from Rev.io. A provisioning subscription is required to enable this access. Contact your account manager for more information on pricing and configuration.